meditating together

Guided meditation in English   (new)   starts 16 april 2020!

biweekly    on  thursday night     at  8 p.m - 9 p.m. 


An International group of people joining together in meditation.

It's about you're own experience in the Unity of All.  

Heart connection

When we meditate from the silence of our heart, we connect with our Soul and with All that Is, with God, Source, or the Universe. You are then open to the field of all possibilities. Through this heart connection we look  from the perspective of Unity. Free and openly beyond the personal perspective. This expands our consciousness.


Meditation has long proven to be good for your health and well-being.

Just allowing yourself time to relax, to just be,  will reduce stress and it has a beneficial effect on your bloodpressure.

Now you can move on peacefully with a calm perspective. 


Meditation improves your ability to concentrate. This gives more focus, so you can consciously choose what you think is important to give your energy to or not. You center your attention and energy for a chosen goal. This bundled energy indicates strenght and attracts  opportunities  for  achieving your  goal.

meditating in a group

Meditating in a group strengthens the meditative energy field, making it easier to do.

You can as it were, sail on this calm energy of deep silence. You can think of it as a kind of coming home.

By being quiet you make contact with what IS currently for you.

You make contact with your own Soulworld and through this you connect with your own creativity and inspiration.

Due to the powerful energy field that is created, we radiate the good fibes of calmness, positivity and uplifiment to the evironment also.


Guided Meditation     

 We start the meditation with an introduction to help you on your way to relax, to let go of daily worries in order to open your own inner world, your Soul world. The guided meditation is an inner journey.

After about 15 to 20 minutes you continue your inner journey in silence.  There is soft meditation music in the background.



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Welcome to everyone 


practical info

Participate in guided meditation is biweekly ! (even weeks). You pay with a "strippenkaart" . De strippenkaart costs  36,- euro  (around 7,- euro each time ). This means nearly 3 months of meditation. If you don't come, you don't pay.  You can take someone on you're strippenkaart. You then pay two "strips" from you're Strippenkaart.



Location is Het Kasteel 778 in Apeldoorn.